Ultimate Power Protection and USB Charging

Panamax knows power protection.
We’ve been protecting sensitive electronics for over 40 years. Now we are bringing power to the people with POWER360.

Step up from your regular power strip. POWER360 provides advanced technologies previously available in only the most advanced power management components. Innovative USB charging options. A beautiful modern design. A convenient, elegant and advanced approach to keep your electronics charged up, powered on and safe.

Know You're Safe Always

While most of us commonly associate surge protectors with lightning, POWER360 is much more. In the event of a catastrophic event, Panamax’s exclusive Protect-Or-Disconnect technology will cut power to your equipment before it can be damaged. The much more common dangers of brownouts and overvoltage conditions are defended against by SmartGuard automatic voltage monitoring. And everything is indicated on POWER360’s Circle of Protection display, letting you know at glance that your investments are protected.

Everything to Fit Your Needs

With three different options, POWER360 provides the solutions you need for everywhere you have electronics. Our wall-mount version (P360-Dock) is perfect for converting a standard household outlet in a protected, six-outlet charging station.
The more traditional floor models (P360-6 and P360-8) provide six or eight outlets respectively for your home office, bedroom, or media room with modular USB charging stations to keep on your desk or tabletop.
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