BlueBOLT Remote Energy Management

Remote Energy Management

Electronics plugged into a BlueBOLT-enabled device can easily be rebooted with the click of a button through BlueBOLT’s easy to use, cloud-based user interface, from any web-enabled device, from anywhere in the world.



Save time, save money, save energy.

BlueBOLT Remote Power and Energy Management provides real-time, cloud-based control and monitoring of the energy used by your electronic devices. Simply plug your electronics into a BlueBOLT-enabled power management device to open up a new world of command and visibility of your energy usage. From easy reboots of locked-up electronics to comprehensive energy tracking and scheduled conservation, BlueBOLT provides a powerful combination of control and monitoring directly at your electronics’ power source.

The power of control from anywhere.

Today’s home entertainment systems and electronic components are more sophisticated and connected than ever. With this complexity comes a higher chance for electronic lockups, freezes, and crashes. All too often, the only fix for a locked-up component is to unplug it from the wall and plug it back in (also known as a “hard reboot”). 

With BlueBOLT, hard reboots can be performed from any web enabled device.

Go green with scheduled conservation.

Standby power (sometimes called “vampire power”) is power used by electronic devices when they are turned off. It is often identified as one of the biggest wastes of electric power, adding up to more than $3 billion of annual energy costs in the U.S. alone. With utility rates rising and more people trying to www greener lifestyles, how can we realistically reduce this waste?

BlueBOLT’s Scheduled Conservation allows you to automatically shut off all power to electronic devices during "non-use" hours, providing a real-world solution that reduces your energy bills and your impact on the environment.

Optimize the network.

Ever need to reboot your router or modem when you’ve lost your Internet connection? With BlueBOLT, you can assign outlets to automatically reboot once an active Internet connection is lost – completely automating the all too common procedure of re-establishing your Internet connection with a hard reboot.

To ensure optimal router performance, BlueBOLT enables you to schedule nightly power-cycles while everyone is fast asleep.

Set up in minutes.

BlueBOLT’s cloud-based communication provides an incredibly easy setup procedure. Simply plug your BlueBOLT enabled power management component into the wall, connect it to a standard Ethernet cable with an active Internet connection, and plug in your electronic components. BlueBOLT will automatically detect your device as active and you can immediately register it and begin monitoring and controlling it from your computer, tablet or smartphone, with no static IP addresses or port forwarding needed.

Many BlueBOLT-enabled power management components may also be accessed via standard Telnet communications or integrated into a home automation system via RS-232.

Added value for consumers and integrators.

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for ways to effectively manage their power consumption to lower utility bills and reduce their impact on the environment. BlueBOLT delivers a realistic way for consumers to do this with their electronics systems. This technology gives homeowners the data needed to make better choices in the use of home electronics, and the ability to easily effect change with their power usage.

For the installer, BlueBOLT’s remote power control capabilities allow many service issues to be diagnosed, and often solved remotely without sending a technician. The energy management features provide a layer of value to every installation. BlueBOLT management control is free of charge, no monthly fees.